RR Vapes

Kyle Yochum

Very knowledgeable staff, very helpful and very friendly. Really professional, and a very nice establishment in general.

I came in looking for a new atomizer and laid out what I didn’t like about my current one, and I was given two suggestions. I went with a Crown III atomizer, and I’m so glad it was suggested for me – it does everything I wanted and more, really well-designed, they thought of everything.

Products aside, the staff here is always helpful and always very nice & hours are longer than local competition. Sometimes staying open an extra hour makes all the difference in the world for a busy dad.

Also, when I came in on Monday it was 10am (they open 11am on Monday). I lucked out and the owner happened to be on premises, he noticed me at the door and opened up and served me anyway. Of course, don’t go bothering staff before business hours, but this just goes to show the type of personal and personable service you get. Great place.